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The Last Word

I am married to a librarian and every now and then she dips into whatever bag of tricks librarians have and produces just the right observation. That happened last weekend and I want to tell you about it. Telling you … Continue reading

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What you said is so misunderstandable

The current political climate is so polarized and so hostile that “misunderstanding” is almost taken for granted. What I say presupposes not the common context of communication, but only my own or those of the group I belong to. Liberals … Continue reading

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Thy rod and thy staff…

…they comfort me. That’s the way the psalm goes. It is Psalm 23, very likely the most famous psalm in the world. [1] I got to thinking about it the other day and, like so many other things I think … Continue reading

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What the composer intended

I want to tell you about a really powerful experience I had yesterday. I won’t be making an argument of any kind. I am going to be relying on a series of analogies that came to me all in the … Continue reading

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It’s only natural

“It’s only natural” seems like an easy thing to say. I hear it a lot. Most of the time I attend only to what it does–it excuses things– rather than what it means.  Today, thanks to a comment by Scarlett … Continue reading

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God is a liberal Democrat living in Princeton

Quite a few member of the faculty of Princeton Theological Seminary (PTSem) [1] released a statement that they say represents their views, not the views of the seminary at large. [2] I was glad to hear that because I am … Continue reading

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Resilience and its precursors

So far as I have heard, everyone likes “resilience.” Especially in March. Only the good basketball teams wind up in their conference finals, and half of those good teams lose that game. And then they go on to play in … Continue reading

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