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Both Sides Now

There are 127 apartment units at Holladay Park Plaza. [1] I Three of them have both an east view and a west view. Bette and I live in one of those. We can see “both sides now.” The sunset picture … Continue reading

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Official Sexism

As you can tell from the title, I have a grievance in mind for today. After such a long struggle for gender equality, it grieves me that we have given it up so easily.[1] Ah well. This morning, I had … Continue reading

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New Life, New Categories

The time it takes me to go from “having an experience” to “having “a kind of experience” has gotten perilously short. I don’t think I have put anyone in danger yet, but the transition from the one to the other … Continue reading

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“One plucky leper”

I have been a fan of Gary Trudeau’s work for a long time.  He does a lot of current political things.  I’m pretty sure, for instance, that there will be a caricature of Donald Trump in today’s cartoon.  But a … Continue reading

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“Estate” is a noun. Sigh.

No one “estates” anything to anyone. The language won’t allow it even if the tax codes would. The defining feature of an estate, in the modern sense of the word, is that it belongs to you. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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Jesus supports my political program

Today, I feel like Yaskov, the Russian spy in Howard Neame’s 1980 movie, Hopscotch. He says of his opposite number, the American spy, “I do like him, you know. One can’t help it.” The opposite number in Hopscotch is Miles Kendrick, … Continue reading

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The Return of the Austin-Boston Axis

It’s time to start thinking about the Hillary Clinton administration. The Republicans are. Here is an amazing paragraph from Thomas Friedman’s New York Times column this morning, August 31. Politico last week reported that while some G.O.P. officials may vote … Continue reading

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