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The Lone Ranger and the High Salt Diet

I grew up listening to the Lone Ranger on our radio.  I heard there for the first time a lot of music I came to understand better later.  Like everyone else, I heard the William Tell Overture there.  I heard … Continue reading

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They aren’t Puritans; they are Quakers

There are narratives that are so powerful that it might feel, in the middle of one, that you are in the whitewater rapids of a swollen river.  The river (narrative) wants you to go here and you don’t want to … Continue reading

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Do Women Talk more than Men?

It is my goal in this essay is to argue that that is a silly question and to say why. If you are the one who is asking a question, it is tough, sometimes, when the response comes in the form … Continue reading

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The Perils of Personhood

Through our long and largely successful run as a species, we  have had to ask and answer a lot of questions.  We have not been asked to formulate and answer some questions that are coming to seem fundamental.  Obviously, I … Continue reading

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Lust! Oh my!

Marcel LeJeune seems to have the particular ministry of talking about sexual dilemmas to young hormone-addled Catholics.  Some days, that must feel like being the geek at the carnival, the guy who astounds the crowds by biting the heads off … Continue reading

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Individualism and Authenticity in Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”

“…the perturbation of Elizabeth’s feelings was every moment increasing.  She was quite amazed at her own discomposure.” [1] Even if Elizabeth Bennet were not famous as the heroine of Pride and Prejudice, this little clip would still probably be recognized … Continue reading

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Should Germans read “Mein Kampf”?

I learned from this article in the New York Times that Germany has been officially suppressing Mein Kampf since German government was reconstituted after World War II.  I’m sure that doesn’t mean that the full text isn’t available online.  But … Continue reading

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Gideon in the Land of Oz

I know of a distressingly bad senior center called Lakeview. It is losing money; it has already cut costs; the owner is a bully; the doctor is a wimp; the residents live pathetically limited lives.  What they really need is … Continue reading

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Divergent: What the un-society looks like

It is a really good idea to keep an eye on what you are for.  Otherwise, you will make important decisions based only on what you are against.  Ordinarily, that doesn’t work out well.  It doesn’t work out well for … Continue reading

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