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Gladly Teach and Gladly Learn

Let’s say you are young and idealistic and haven’t been married even once. Please accept my sincere congratulations and condolences. You have emotional heights before you that I can remember only with disciplined memory. A dark and quiet room would … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Lost Velociraptor

Here is a satirical picture that my son Dan passed along to me. I think it is laugh-out-loud funny. He and I enjoyed it together. I call it “satire.” What is satire? From a collection of similar definitions in the … Continue reading

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Starbucks and the balanced diet

This isn’t really about food.  It’s about conversation.  I will want to use the balanced food diet as a metaphor to help me explore the balanced conversational diet. Here is the protein bistro box, which is my normal Starbucks breakfast.  … Continue reading

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