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The (pause) Lord’s (pause) Prayer (stop)

So many kinds of things go on in a Protestant worship service. [1] Calling it “a worship service” is almost a courtesy, but I like the term because it expresses our highest hopes about what we are doing there. Or … Continue reading

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“Serving others”

In one of my favorite episodes (Season 5, Episode 6) of The West Wing, President Bartlet loses his sense of how vitally important the presidency is. He has flown to Oklahoma to lend whatever support he can to a tornado-stricken … Continue reading

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The Risk-averse servant

This story, recorded by both Matthew and Luke, has been given a lot of different interpretations. I’ve been working/playing with it recently and I have three observations I would like to make. Before I get into the observation-making business, let … Continue reading

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James the Presbyter at Princeton

I have been paying a good deal of attention to the recent goings-on at Princeton Theological Seminary for one reason or another. The issues themselves are small potatoes, it seems to me; in comparison to the reasons people have given … Continue reading

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Welcome to the multiplex

Have I got a deal for you. You buy your ticket to a “theater” showing…oh…half a dozen movies. This ticket will get you into the multiplex theater anytime you want as many times as you want, and when you are … Continue reading

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God is a liberal Democrat living in Princeton

Quite a few member of the faculty of Princeton Theological Seminary (PTSem) [1] released a statement that they say represents their views, not the views of the seminary at large. [2] I was glad to hear that because I am … Continue reading

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Two Cheers for Kristof and Keller

Only two, though.  I am saving the last one for a better resolution of the dilemma. I want to think this morning about Nicholas Kristof’s column in the New York Times, which you can see here.  (For reasons I don’t … Continue reading

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