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“Bad Faith” and Politics

I don’t know J. D. Vance at all, but I think I’d like him if I had the chance. The New York Times for June 26 offered his article, “The Bad Faith of the White Working Class,” which you can … Continue reading

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How not to feel like a frail old man

It’s not as easy as you might think. Here are some things we need to consider just to get started. First, it would help a good deal of you are actually not frail[1], not old, or not male. That would … Continue reading

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How to be seen and heard

Much to my surprise, I discover that I am not quite finished with the movie, The Intern. In my earlier post [“The Intern as a Theological Prop,” on March 11] I considered the whole plot and let my theological sensitivities … Continue reading

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Generosity and the Discipline of the Market

This is another celebration of a remarkable Starbucks discussion. That is why I chose such an academic-sounding title for it; all that formality sounds like a celebration to me.  It was the kind of discussion from which the participants leave … Continue reading

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When fathers are teachers

I’ve decided this year to celebrate my experiences of being a father. Not all of them deserve to be celebrated, of course. I still regret the time I punished one of my kids for an offense another kid later confessed … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Reflections

What does it cost to use a U. S. citizen in the U. S armed forces? That’s the question I want to ask. I know it cannot be answered in the form I have first asked it, but I have … Continue reading

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