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If It’s Not About the Nail, What IS it About?

With any luck at all, I will embed a wonderful short clip called “It’s Not About the Nail” in this post.  If it doesn’t work, I recommend that you Google “It’s not about the nail” and enjoy the following 78 … Continue reading

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Hearing God’s Voice

How do you go about “hearing God’s voice?”  I’m not sure, to tell you the truth.  It isn’t anything I’ve ever been good at.  It may be that I just don’t have the basic capacity.  Or it may be that … Continue reading

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We don’t always have at hand the words we need most.  A lot of people, facing this difficulty, chose a word with meanings close to what they need and call it good enough.  People who are more confident in their … Continue reading

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What Will We Do After Work?

And I don’t mean “after work” like 5:00 and I get to go home.  I mean “after work” like there isn’t enough work to do to sustain us as a country.  That kind of “after work.” I am not an … Continue reading

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The Exception Proves the Rule

This is a really cheap post.  I labor over some of my posts.  I use punctuation and everything.  For this one, I am going to point you to the website  (The Phrase Finder) that deserves the credit for this and … Continue reading

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Can You Be Too Skeptical?

Yes.  You can. I want to refer, down the page a little, to a controversy between medical doctors.  Dr. Andrew Newberg, whom I know only from his recorded lectures, called “The Spiritual Brain” is one; the other is Dr. Steven … Continue reading

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Surveillance and Its Discontents

The federal government has recently been prodded and leaked into admitting that they have been snooping on an unprecedented number of American citizens. I don’t really think this is an issue that is going to matter much.  It should, probably, … Continue reading

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