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What are pejorative words for?

In 1893, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a book called Catriona—a book I had never heard of until today.  Nor did I know until today that the word I had in mind to begin this reflection on language, pejorative, was a … Continue reading

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Gay Children with Anti-Gay Parents

I am in Hawaii today because I am trying to illustrate to myself that I am no longer teaching at Portland State University–or anywhere else.  That being the case, be alert for present tense verbs that have to do with … Continue reading

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God Bless Oregon

The question the federal government wants to ask Oregon is this: Do you really think you can persuade Oregonians to be sensible about their health? Oregon’s Governor, Dr. John Kitzhaber (M.D.) has been saying “Yes,” but if he is the … Continue reading

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Unnatural Acts

In the war currently being waged about gay rights (are there any?), there are people who say there is nothing at all wrong with homosexuality and people who say there is everything wrong with it.  It almost goes without saying … Continue reading

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