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Just Ignore Them and Make the Shot

I’m giving some serious thought to ending my career as an educator.  But being an educator, I don’t just decide to stop and then stop.  Oh, no.  I think about it; I write about it; I examine whether I really … Continue reading

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I Want a Second Opinion

The story goes that a mentally unstable and unattractive woman was seeing a psychiatrist.  She had been seeing him for awhile and no diagnosis of her difficulties was forthcoming.  “Well,” the shrink said, when pressed, “You’re crazy.”  “I demand a … Continue reading

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Two Happy Guys on Mt. Rushmore

Here is a little squib from the movie, Prairie Home Companion.  Guy Noir (Kevin Kline) was engaging in an extended fantasy about how good the Angel of Death looked when she came to the theater.  We are free to laugh … Continue reading

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Remembering to Leave in Time

I want to raise the question here of how to decide when to go live in a Senior Center of some kind—I’m thinking of a nice generic name like Paleo Acres.  This could be a Paleo Acres; I guess I’d … Continue reading

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“Loose Talk of War.” Yeah, right.

When a political campaign is at full throttle, it is easy to think that any disagreement is mostly a partisan disagreement.  Given the current disposition of the parties, that would mean an ideological disagreement.  The current exchange on Iran’s nuclear … Continue reading

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