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Smart and Poor

This post is going to be about the working poor.  I say that first because it is going to take me a little bit to get there. In my line of work, which is political psychology, we make a good … Continue reading

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Property and Privacy

I’ve been thinking about civil liberties.  Civil liberties are the things the government(s) aren’t allowed to do to us.  Being Americans, our minds go right away to freedom of speech and assembly; of guarantees against cruel and unusual punishment and … Continue reading

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It’s Providential. And That’s the Bad News.

“What luck!” says the woman with the secular vocabulary.  “No,” says the man whose mouth is full of theology, “It’s providential.”  Does that exchange make any sense at all? Yes and No, I would say, if asked.  (On a blog, … Continue reading

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The Most Conservative Electable Candidate

Has anyone noticed what Karl Rove is up to these days?  He may not be able to call Ohio for Obama in a prompt and professional manner, but I think he has opened a whole new front in the partisan … Continue reading

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The Fret of Care

Today, I am working with a title from one world and an event in another. The title comes from a hymn we sang in my church when I was a little boy.  The whole line, adapted to today’s question is, … Continue reading

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