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Biblical tools and “sharing”

In July, I’m going to try something I have never tried before.  I am going to try to begin a Bible study based on a scholarly examination of the Bible with fellow residents at Holladay Park Plaza, where we live.  … Continue reading

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Clan Donald

It is not possible to spend time in the Scottish highlands without coming across Clan Donald. And for an American, traveling in Scotland in 2019, it is unnerving to think that I have been living in an area dominated by … Continue reading

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Old and Active

If you get far enough away from these two notions, it is possible to imagine them as binary. You are old or not; you are active or not. When you get closer, it seems more reasonable to ask things like … Continue reading

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Cultural Backlash

Today’s reflection concerns the ‘backlash” that is a familiar part of every news medium.  If you could divide news sources cleanly into liberal and conservative (you can’t) you could say that conservative sources emphasize the “back” and liberal sources, the … Continue reading

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Pence shilling at Liberty University

“ As bleak as Pence’s remarks at Liberty University may sound, his words could very well strike a chord with these Christians who feel isolated.” That’s the concluding line of Catherine Kim’s report on Vice President Mike Pence’s commencement speech … Continue reading

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Warm, graceful, generous, funny

I want to share with you today some signs I have carried with me for awhile now.  I love these signs; I love the people who thought of them and the people who thought it was a good idea to … Continue reading

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All I ask…

“All I ask is that you let me feel my way.” Kaitlyn Tiffany, a writer for, is the reason I know about the new Burger King ad campaign. Take a look.    It opens with a black guy sitting … Continue reading

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