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What is God like?

This is one of those “Why is the grass green?” kinds of questions.  I do want to try to answer it in the third of the pieces that make up this blog, but I have two prior questions. The first … Continue reading

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Doing What You Can

Back in the old days, before doctors were able to cure many illnesses, a big part of “medical care” was being with the patient.  Just being there says things that can’t be said otherwise, principal among them is, “You matter … Continue reading

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How are the prospects for President Obama’s second term in office?  Pretty good, I’d say, all things being considered.  The President is duly aware of what he calls “locusts”—unforeseen events that swarm the political landscape and destroy the prospects for … Continue reading

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The Value of Routines in a Marriage

I have been a husband for a long time now and I have learned something about being married.  At the very least, I have learned something about being a husband in the kind of marriage I want to have.  Just … Continue reading

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