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Two Cheers for the Community of Loiterers

Here is today’s dilemma.  I don’t really know what to do about it.  That’s why it gets only two cheers. THERE’S an old Italian saying, “A tavola non si invecchia,” which means: At the table, you don’t grow old.” All … Continue reading

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Such a Boy Scout

I was a Boy Scout in my younger years.  Scouting didn’t make much sense to me, but it was at a time in my life when nothing much made any sense, so I don’t really blame them.  But you remember … Continue reading

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The Growing Middle Class

I remember when the Democratic Party was the champion of “the poor.”  I always thought it was pretty gutsy to champion a set of people based on their economic status—especially the class of people that votes at lower levels than … Continue reading

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Let Even the Old Rejoice

  Every year, as close to Epiphany as we can get it and still have it fall on a weekend, Bette and I invite friends over to read W. H. Auden’s poem, “For the Time Being” together.[1]  It takes about … Continue reading

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Microaggression! Really?

I was watching an episode of The Mentalist this week and particularly enjoyed this one line.  I’ll let you know when the line shows up.  This next part is just background So there are these two guys in a bar.  … Continue reading

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Do You Understand What You Are Reading?

I take the title from the question Philip asks the government official in Acts 8:30.  The official is reading Isaiah and Philip runs up to the chariot to ask if the official is reading with understanding.  The two passages I … Continue reading

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The Best Practice for Dying Well is Living Well

“Death” is the end of life.  “Dying,” on the other hand, is life’s last task.  I have heard it is a difficult task; difficult, at least, to do well.  On the supposition that we are likely to die as we … Continue reading

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Using the Right Words

I wish a happy 2014 to you all and as a step toward that happiness, let’s look at one of my favorite scenes from I, Robot.[1]  The guiding genius behind U.S. Robotics’ (USB) success was Alfred Landingham, who appears to … Continue reading

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