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Albert Peterson’s Dilemma

I want to introduce to you today a fictional businessman, Albert Peterson. [1] Peterson is a good guy in a bad situation. Peterson is the head of Personnel for a U. S. manufacturing firm, engaged in vicious competition with other … Continue reading

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The Star Spangled Banner as a Commons

ill you all rise, please, and join us in the singing our our national anthem?” It doesn’t sound all that hard, does it? But, as everyone knows by now, it can be made extremely difficult and we have done that. … Continue reading

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I know, but he’s OUR dotard

I didn’t hear President Trump give this speech. I have a lot of trouble seeing him and hearing him. My dentist said just a small amount of nitrous oxide would help solve that problem, but he wasn’t allowed to give … Continue reading

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Peter Stearns is “my guy” for gender roles

Stearns recently retired as Provost at George Mason University, in Virginia. He is still teaching and still writing. That’s good news for me. In this very partial introduction to Stearns’ thinking, I’d like to tell you why I take it … Continue reading

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In loco parentis

Who is really well placed to act in loco parentis? That was a big deal question when I was in college. Mothers and fathers sent their children off to far away institutions, some of them hoping that the college would … Continue reading

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What to say to the climate change deniers of Texas and Florida

This is the prime moment for environmentalists who have been screaming their heads off about the urgency of the need to change our practices and begin to deal seriously with the global warming catastrophe. This is the time when they—“we” … Continue reading

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Two Systems of Forgiveness

Do you know when you have effectively forgiven someone who has offended you or against whom you hold a grievance? Not necessarily. I am going to describe two systems of “grievance-processing” here. The most important thing I want to say … Continue reading

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The Call of Moses as a Fish Story

Yup. Moses. [1] Not Jonah. [2] Our lectionary calls for the reading, at the September 3 service, of the story of the call of Moses. The sermon was actually based on a parallel scripture in Matthew, but I was completely … Continue reading

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Garbage Time

Yesterday I attended a meeting at which a lot of appropriate things were said.  After that, the meeting deteriorated into a free for all of bad questions and posturing. It is that latter part of the meeting that I am … Continue reading

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