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Work I can be trusted to do

This is the last post of Blogging Year 2018 and I would like to spend it in the company of Andrew MacPhee, the resident skeptic at St. Anne’s in C. S. Lewis’s novel, That Hideous Strength. [1]  MacPhee is a … Continue reading

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Not a nationalist. Not a globalist.

That really is the question.  What alternatives are you rejecting when you choose this one.  Here’s an account that Matt Bai, a Yahoo columnist, published on October 25 “You know what I am?” Trump asked the amped-up crowd. “I’m a … Continue reading

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Taming Uncle Bot

So…I met Karen Tamerius this morning.  She is the founder of a group called Smart Politics.  I’m not sure why she calls her organization that.  Having spent a little time with it, I think I might have called it “How … Continue reading

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“You’ve got to want it bad”

When I so much as think those words, let alone write them, I hear the voice of President Andrew Shepherd (and I hear Sorkin’s touch with words) in The American President. He was talking about “America,” he says. The line … Continue reading

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Abby says, “Game On!”

The “presidential debate” in Season 4 of The West Wing has been a favorite for quite a while. It isn’t a real debate, like the Season 7 debate between Matt Santos and Arnie Vinick. It’s more like T-ball, where Governor … Continue reading

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I am glad I am not THERE anymore

If you have lived a long time, you have held views you no longer hold. Your choice, from the place you are now, is how to regard those views you once held. [1] I want to emphasize that this is … Continue reading

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Neaera H. comes to life

In 1975, five years after ending the series featuring Frances the Badger, Russell Hoban wrote Turtle Diary. Turtle Diary is a book for adults—not “an adult book”—about William G and Neaera H., two losers who, in freeing some turtles from … Continue reading

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