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Inside Out (and Upside Down)

“It’s a charming movie. It is also distinctly American.” That’s the assessment of Tanya Luhrmann in the New York Times recently. (See her column here.) I like that way of putting it, because all the things I disliked about the … Continue reading

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What to Do if the World Burns Up

I didn’t start out to think about the topic of suicide. [1] Actually, I started with the destruction of the entire surface of the earth, courtesy of Neal Stephenson’s recent SevenEves. [2] The death of all the humans on the … Continue reading

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Believing and Believing IN

I love it when this happens. I have watched Secondhand Lions maybe half a dozen times. Some parts, probably well over a dozen times. And always there is the sense that some part of my mind is receiving some really … Continue reading

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Did the Media Go Too Far?

This is mostly a rant about how television “news” operates. If you’ve never watched news programs on television or if you do watch and like what you are seeing, this is probably not the essay you want to read. On … Continue reading

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Men learn from Hobbes and Women from Rousseau

OK, so it’s never going to replace Mars and Venus. Also, it’s not precisely true. But it is mostly true—more often than not—and it has the same principal virtue that John Gray’s Mars/Venus books have. It teaches that there are … Continue reading

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They Could At Least Have Warned Us

I do like democracy. I don’t like how very limited our democracy has become. I would like for us to be better. I’m a fan, a booster; but I think our team has lost a lot over the last few … Continue reading

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Reading Strategically

I am a strategic reader.  It is the scandal of my book group.  Last month, my grandson, who is headed off to college, drew back from me when I described what I meant by that term and said something on … Continue reading

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