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Nicodemus lives in the Matrix

  In John 3, in part of Jesus’ extended colloquy with Nicodemus, he says that believing in him—believing that Jesus is who he says he is—makes zōen aiōnion available. What does that mean? Literally, it means “the life of the … Continue reading

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A Midlands family living in Greater Appalachia

I come from a “set apart” sort of family.  I knew that when I was a little boy growing up in what is now a northern suburb of Dayton, Ohio. [1]  I was taught that it was a good thing … Continue reading

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Men who have not yet died

I want to write a little about the relationships between men and women at the senior center where I live.  And I will.  I just want to play with a couple of words first. Words The first word is “dominate.”  … Continue reading

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Colin Kaepernick’s Triumph

On Sunday, I tuned in to my favorite football show, Sunday Night Football [1] and I watched Colin Kaepernick’s triumph.  I was dumbfounded.  Then I was exultant.  They introduced the teams and then the teams lined up and there was … Continue reading

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