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Why are they called “angleworms,” do you suppose?  Right after I learned that they are not native to North America, I began to hope that we had imported them from England and that they might rightfully be called Angloworms.  It was … Continue reading

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Local Eats

During the growing season, from early in the spring until late in the fall, Bette and I get a good deal of the food from Bette’s garden.  Bette’s the principal grower and I am the principal “cook,” if you call … Continue reading

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Everyone Deserves to Live “Long Enough”

Daniel Callahan is my kind of guy.  I first ran across him 20 years ago in his book Setting Limits: Medical Goals in an Aging Society.  Everything I have read since then has been a refinement of or an extension of his … Continue reading

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Narrative Integrity, Jesus and Allison

I want to write about the character of Jesus today.  I admit I have a grievance and blogging about it seems to help.  The pivot point, the point I will keep returning to until I start to feel better, can … Continue reading

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There’s Always a Chance for Redemption

“There’s always a chance for redemption when it comes to the NFL.” So says Steven Gerwell in The Bleacher Report.  That’s his opening line in a piece that names Peyton Manning the Comeback Player of the Year in the NFL … Continue reading

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American Catholics and African Catholics

 Yesterday, the New York Times released a poll they conducted with CBS.  The goal was to ascertain the views of Roman Catholics in the United States.  I want to go further in this post, but here are some results that … Continue reading

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It’s So Hard to Get Good Help These Days

It is a truism among environmentalists that it is not possible to do just one thing.  I think it is true everywhere, but environmentalists have demonstrated it so clearly and so many times that I think they deserve to be … Continue reading

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