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Just watching the show

What if you thought about experiencing your life as “watching a show?” I get that feeling sometimes. If you live long enough, you get to see the same emphases and the same discoveries happen over and over. When you first … Continue reading

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Back to Burgundy

I know scarcely any French at all and most of what I do know, I learned from movies or jokes. [1] I was curious, of course, when I saw a movie about French siblings coming to grips with their lapsed … Continue reading

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The Disadvantages of Hell

However you think of Hell, it is mostly not a good place to be. Whether it is a fiery final abode, as in some cases, or a shadowy realm of the once-living, as in others, or as in C. S. … Continue reading

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Starbucks and racism

Let me put that another way. How about “Starbucks OR racism?” I suppose offering those two versions of the question is going to offend some people. I hope so because their being offended is what I want to write about. … Continue reading

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“I love her shoes”

I owe the sentiment to Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford) of The West Wing who is talking about a potential nominee for the Supreme Court, Evelyn Baker Lang (Glenn Close). [1] He means that he likes everything about her as a … Continue reading

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Language and Rhetoric

It is hard to think clearly about a passage when the first thing you learn about it is that it is crucially important. That’s been my experience, at any rate. When you learn, later on, that a good deal of … Continue reading

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“Wartime moral clarity and passion”

I had never heard of Nitsuh Abebe before he wrote this piece. In fact, I had failed to notice that the New York Times Magazine carried a feature every week called “First Words.” Since “First Words” is about language and … Continue reading

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Turnips at Happy Hour

Ever since Bette and I have lived here at Holladay Park Plaza, we have attended the 4:00 Happy Hour in the Club Room. The good people in Dining Services set us up with wine and beer glasses,  a bowl of … Continue reading

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“Resurrection Appearances”

Two quick things. Yes, this is Easter Sunday. [1] No, this isn’t about the resurrection appearances of Jesus, except, perhaps, analogically. This is about the movie, Michael, and John Travolta plays the reappearing angel, Michael. I’ve written about this movie … Continue reading

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