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Why hating “religion” isn’t going to help anything

Timothy Egan posted a pointless rant in the New York Times today.  I don’t think it will do any damage because the only people who will get past the first several paragraphs are people who want to see a really … Continue reading

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I would like to begin by changing the form of this word. The reasons will become evident. I would like to summon up parallel terms, one for offense and one for defense. I am thinking of something like the pair … Continue reading

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Journalism Rears Its Ugly Head

Nothing against journalists. The “journalism” I have in mind is the perverse practice of reading the Bible as if you were reading a newspaper account. I think the Bible should be read as if it were a sermon with really … Continue reading

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Truthiness and Godiness

There is, of course, no such word as “Godiness,” but you will recall that not very long ago, there was no such word as truthiness, and now it is hard to do without it. Truthiness is the kind of thing … Continue reading

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Softball Questions

I attended a meeting this week at the senior center where I live. The goal of the meeting was for each of the principal administrators to give a report of work being carried out in her or her department. It … Continue reading

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First dates and last dates

“Your subscription has been successfully adjusted.” That’s the response I got when I “unsubscribed” from a site called Trip Trivia. [1] For some reason, it made me think of my early dating years. [2] There were girls I wanted to … Continue reading

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