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The House of the Venerable and Inscrutable Colonel

Really, It’s Just KFC In general terms, this post is just a celebration of Neal Stephenson’s mastery with words and the fun he has with thunderous incongruities.  I’m going to do that in two ways—both from The Diamond Age.[1] First, … Continue reading

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Debt Limit Chicken–And Worse

July 27, 2011.  It is now less than a week until the United States of America tells the people who have loaned money to us that we were, after all, a bad risk.  The debt limit confrontation has been pictured … Continue reading

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The Two Tournaments

Today, I want to follow up the perspective on aging and dying that I called “rising above decline.”  As I promised, I will be using a tennis tournament to point to the differences that strike me. But first, a word … Continue reading

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Rising Above Decline

Today, I want to think about dying and about not dying.  It’s pretty simple in a way, but I have quite a few posts I would like to write about getting old and about people who have written persuasively about … Continue reading

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Ten years later, you get hauled up before a committee

I had been working with “posts” to my “blog” for a while before it occurred to me that a post I published on Saturday Evening was a Saturday Evening Post. You wouldn’t think it would have taken me that long, … Continue reading

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Owning Less

I own a lot of books and I own different ones for different reasons.  I’m going to have to get rid of nearly all of them soon and I find myself stumbling over how different those reasons are from each … Continue reading

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Can we owe a debt of forgiveness?

We are a credit-driven society.  We know all about debts.  You see something you want to buy, you give the merchant your credit card (thereby acquiring a debt) and when, eventually, the bill comes, you pay it, thus discharging the … Continue reading

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And how are we feeling today?

The question I want to ask today is this: “How do you know how you are feeling?” But as I was thinking about it, a scene came to mind. I don’t know what it’s a scene from. Maybe the scene … Continue reading

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One -cize Fits All

As a regular part of our reading and listening and speaking, we blow by the most amazing caches of information. As a practical matter, we would all agree that the price of attending to this is that we are forced … Continue reading

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Learning from Mistakes

Learning is always a good idea, but I’m not sure we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes.  I think it might be better to say that we learn different things. During the terms I teach … Continue reading

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