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Foul-mouthed and Free

I heard a story yesterday that was unlike any I remember having heard before. Today, I’m going to tell it to you, cutting back a little on the narrative and expanding a little on the theoretical implications. It is…sigh…what I … Continue reading

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Accountability and Trust

I am going to say a few words in favor of accountability here.  Nearly everyone I know who is a fan of “accountability” will be disappointed by what I have to say and some will feel betrayed.  I don’t think … Continue reading

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My Victory Lap

Long before I began to think of my life as a mile (= four laps) run, I knew the popular version of a saying from Psalm 90: “the days of a man are three score and ten or by reason … Continue reading

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Hillary’s last chance to prepare for 2020

2016 could be a really interesting election. Or not. If the R’s nominate a right-wing flame thrower, Hillary Clinton (hereafter “Hillary,” meaning no disrespect) the Democratic Nominee Presumptive (hereafter DNP) can just coast to the middle of the spectrum and … Continue reading

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Stanley Victor Freberg, the master of his craft

Stan Freberg died this Tuesday at the age of 88. He was one of the funniest men I had ever heard. He was known for his satire, but it wasn’t nasty satire. Mostly, he was just able to look at … Continue reading

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Everyone who has served in the Armed Forces of the United States is a hero. Have you heard that? First I heard it as part of the ads for the armed services. Now it is commonplace in the patter of … Continue reading

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Clean and Sober

I look at it as a goal. It’s the thirteenth step of my 12 Step Program. In the expression “clean and sober,” clean is supposed to refer to the absence of drugs in your system and sober to the absence … Continue reading

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