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On being God’s prophet

Here is a series of reflections on the “emptying out” that so often—necessarily?—precedes the giving of God’s word to a prophet. And maybe more than a prophet, as well. Here, for instance is how Amos was called (Amos 7:14,15) 14 … Continue reading

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A Family of Shoplifters

I am told that is the translation of the Japanese characters for this movie. In English, the name is just Shoplifters. I like the Japanese title better because this superb movie is actually about an ensemble performance. The one line … Continue reading

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Yellow (Caution) lights

Since my neighborhood Starbucks closed, I have been walking further in the morning to get coffee for Bette and me. A very urban route it is, too. And when I walk on Broadway going west or on Weidler coming back … Continue reading

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Am I going somewhere?

Where I live there are lots of old people, so, of course, there are a lot of deaths. I have written recently about the effect the high number of deaths has on how we take note of deaths and on how … Continue reading

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Quod vide

For every person who knows what quod vide means, there are probably 100 or more who would see q.v. in some material they are reading and know what it meant without even thinking about it. It may be that q.v. … Continue reading

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An impromptu Advent homily

It is the practice of the senior center where I live to have a Vespers service on Sunday afternoons. It’s a very sensible thing to do because some residents who have spent their whole lives “going to church” really can’t … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions

If you read this blog as regularly as I do—unlikely, I admit—you will have noticed that there is a time when I start writing about the Advent stories that Matthew and Luke provide for us.  It is Luke this year. … Continue reading

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