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“Don’t go out without your surrie.”  That’s what Maggie Peters says to her husband, Tom Peters.  Doesn’t it sound just a little like “Don’t go out without your umbrella.”? “Surrie” is what people in the movie, Surrogates, call the robots … Continue reading

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“Eating Right”

There are lots of other ways to say that.  One of the common ones, “eating healthy,” I reject on grammatical grounds.  It means “eating healthfully,” but no one says that anymore and saying it just changes the subject from “food” … Continue reading

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A Bucket List for America

“America” is not an expression I use much.  It has “Fatherland” or “Mother Russia” connotations that make me uncomfortable.  When Republican presidents end their speeches, they say “God bless America;” when Democratic presidents end their speeches, they say, “God bless … Continue reading

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John Dickerson asked on the Slate Political Gabfest recently what should be done about all the floppers.  I had never heard that expression applied to politics, but I understood what he meant right away. He had a political application in … Continue reading

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College Recruiting and Sexual Abuse

This is probably one of those essays I will eventually wish I had written and not posted.  I take a little courage from the experience of Hannah Arendt who wrote about the trial of Adolph Eichmann and called it “the … Continue reading

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The topic on my mind today is dementia.  That is not what the adjective “simple-minded” has ordinarily referred to, but I have a plan for today. I have kids (and step kids) who are going to read this, so I … Continue reading

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Honoring the Elderly

Respect for the elderly.  That was always a hard sell for me when I was young.  I think I was a more achievement-oriented than a traditional-values little kid.[1]  Now I’m old and it still seems mostly like a scam to … Continue reading

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