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Racism and Sexism, treated by The Good Doctor.

If you were here, I would dearly love to turn to you, as I did to Bette, and say, “What just happened?” Here is what I think happened. In the first season of The Good Doctor, they have developed a … Continue reading

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My next job

This is a fantasy. If you don’t know me, you might wonder why I would write about what my next job will be. I have retired several times already and my final retirement was five years ago. If you do … Continue reading

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Living with Seniors

That’s what I do. I live in a Senior Center, being old myself. [1] But when I was an undergraduate in college, I lived with Seniors, too. And Juniors and Sophomores and Freshmen. I just thought of that today. It … Continue reading

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All my life, I have been a sucker for horizons. “Horizons,” I once thought to myself, “are just the earth in profile.” With a horizon, you get beyond the welter of particular features and see the broad incontestable outline of … Continue reading

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This is your id speaking. Listen up!

I’ve been thinking about healthcare recently. I’m going to say some things I haven’t heard anyone else say. That is often not a good sign. As usual, I am going to start at several apparently unrelated starting points and as … Continue reading

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Pick two

You can have it fast and you can have it good and you can have it cheap. Pick two. I heard this from a patient on The Good Doctor who said he was in real estate and cited the “pick … Continue reading

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Time on and time off

Nearly all the words I know about work presuppose there is a task to be done and a place to do it. Whatever else there is—the person who is supposed to do the work, for instance,—gets pushed to the margins … Continue reading

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“I’m Old, You Know.” Since the time I invented that acronym, I have learned that it also can man “if only you knew.” There are lots of circumstances in which this particular excuse is more or less appropriate, but I … Continue reading

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