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The Land of the Free

Here’s a thought experiment.  It’s an imagined scenario that is going to offend some people, but I think it’s worth the risk, particularly because: a) I’m not sure anyone who reads this blog is going to be offended and b) … Continue reading

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In Florida, Oceans and Premiums Rise Together

When I was in grad school at Oregon, I read a footnote that changed my thinking forever.  It was in Robert Heilbroner’s An Inquiry into the Human Prospect.  The text, as I recall it, was talking about how we were … Continue reading

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Was Jesus Short?

This post is about Jesus.  Or, more exactly, our attitude toward Jesus.  Or, still more exactly, our attitude toward images of Jesus. It won’t take long to get to where I want to go, but let’s start with this question.  … Continue reading

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Where you are going, you will need friends.

The title is today’s text.  With no context at all, it seems at least plausible.  When we get down to it, the context I will supply for “where you are going” will be the fact that we are all mortal.  The … Continue reading

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Does Democracy Actually Work?

There are a lot of reasons why it might not.  I have lectured for many years about why democracy might not work anymore or why it never really did, although it seemed to at the time.  When you approach the … Continue reading

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What Good Health Is For

So I’ve been thinking about getting old and what I ought to do about it. The model that has suggested itself comes from all the 10K races I have run over the years.  I should say that for me, even … Continue reading

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Tanya Luhrmann, Halloween, and Ghost Pets

I want to begin this consideration of paranormal experiences with the first line of the Wikipedia entry under T. M. Luhrman.[1] “Tanya Marie Luhrmann (born 1959) is an American psychological anthropologist best known for her studies of modern-day witches, charismatic … Continue reading

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