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Wise Men. Not too smart though.

I am going to write today about the geopolitical savvy of the Wise Men.[1] They were academics who studied the stars and when they saw one that portended a new king of the Jews, they knew immediately where to go. … Continue reading

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My first victory lap

The first day of my first victory lap is December 17, 2017. That will be the day after I turn 80. I can hardly wait. What is a “victory lap?” It’s an old story, well known by my family. Not … Continue reading

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Assembling a Convidium

Nope. Not a word (yet) so far as I know. I hope to have the better known “colloquium” after all the members of the convidium see the movie clips. So, for instance, there are two reflections on forgiveness that I … Continue reading

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Why the CHEB is so important

CHEB is a flimsy response to an important issue. CHEB is a discipline I am going to try to follow as a way of referring to President Trump. [1] It stands for Current Head of the Executive Branch. I called … Continue reading

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Righteousness v. Mercy in Matthew’s account

Joseph was a righteous man. Matthew 1:18 That’s what it says right there. “Her husband (it says in the previous line) being righteous AND not willing to expose her publicly.” OK, let’s start off with the apologies. First to Professor … Continue reading

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