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What We Know About God

On Christmas, the New York Times published this op-ed piece by Maureen Dowd.  It is, in fact, a reflection by Father Kevin O’Neil.  Dowd asked him if he could write something that reflected his faith and his practice in the … Continue reading

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It’s not really about Hef. It’s about you, you smug SOB

Chuck Tatham has written an absolutely dizzying op-ed piece in the New York Times.  You really ought to read it for yourself.  It rubbed me in so many sore spots that I considered, only briefly, that I was having a … Continue reading

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Luke’s story, for kids

I learned “the Christmas story” the same way you did.  Unlearning “it” has been one of the great delights of my adult life.  In unlearning “it,” I was free to learn “them,” and that has been very satisfying. “Them” are the … Continue reading

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Hark, the Herald Angels Sang (in traditional barbershop harmonies)

You don’t have to read much of Tanya Luhrmann to feel like a fan.  Today’s editorial in the New York Times ought to be enough.  If this tickles your appetite and you like more academic prose, which she also does … Continue reading

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I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be unclear.

It is not quite fair to either Horace Greeley or to Abraham Lincoln to characterize them the way I am about to.  Lincoln won’t mind, I am sure.  And despite Mark Twain’s caution that one should not pick a fight … Continue reading

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Having Bill and Lou for Dinner

For years, I have treasured the title of an article my brother John called to my attention.  I haven’t actually read the article; I just liked the title.  It is “Carrying Capacity is a Rural Truth; Bambi is an Urban … Continue reading

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