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The Battle of Favorite Aunts

David Brooks and Paul Krugman are at it again.  I’m not as surprised as I was the first time I noticed it. This is an odd kind of disagreement.  Imagine that you and your wife are visiting the home of … Continue reading

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Deathbed Confessions

I’ve been thinking about deathbed confessions.  I’m feeling fine, thank you for asking, but I’ve begun to wonder what such a thing might mean.  The game, as I have heard it described in a hundred bad novels and maybe a … Continue reading

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Walter Possum’s Apprenticeship

If our fathers are around, we learn from them.  That’s pretty much how it goes.  We learn good things and bad things.  We learn character and settled habits and gestures and verbal tics the father himself doesn’t even know about. … Continue reading

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The Mosque in Murfreesboro

I tried to find a picture of Dan J. Qualls.  Here’s the way the New York Times described him Only one opponent of the mosque came to voice his concerns at the opening [of the local mosque], a former auto … Continue reading

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Conscientious Objections to Instruction in Biology

Somewhere, I read about a small political kerfuffle at the zoo in Topeka, Kansas.  Some religious conservatives took offense because the signs and displays at the zoo all took “the theory of evolution” for granted and they wanted “creationism” to be … Continue reading

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So here’s an interesting question: “Do we really want our political lives and our commercial lives to be so wholly intermeshed?”  It turns out that some do and some don’t.  Here’s an answer that is closer to what it looks … Continue reading

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