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Consummating the marriage

Everybody knows what it means to “consummate” a marriage, right? It means to “complete” it; to bring it to its highest state.[1] That’s what the words mean anyway. That brings us to the question of what a marriage is. Is … Continue reading

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Sustainable Systemic Political Change

For me, the drama is beginning to leak out of the primary balloons. “Informed people” are beginning to speculate about Hillary’s possible running mates. I will want to check back in as the Republican convention decides whether there should be … Continue reading

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Party Animals?

Michael Lind is a centrist Democrat. This piece (which was published in the New York Times on April 16) represents what he hopes is happening. On the other hand, he may be right and it doesn’t really matter what he is … Continue reading

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See it for yourself

There is a moment in the new Sally Fields movie, Hello, My Name is Doris, that catches everything I want to say about the movie. This picture gives you a feeling for what Doris’s house looks like. The audience sees … Continue reading

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Autonomous Christians

Can Christian persons be autonomous? I have three settings where I would like to place that question. In those three settings, the answers are: absolutely not, of course, and “you’re going to have to be more specific.” Setting 1: Living … Continue reading

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Angry voters are stupid voters

That’s the thesis for today. I have a story to tell you—one of my very few polished performances as a teacher. [1] And there is some throat clearing to be done, 2016 being a presidential year and one of the … Continue reading

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We have met the enemy and he is us[1]

In 1888, Edward Bellamy wrote a very influential book called Looking Backward. That’s Bellamy in the next paragraph.  He placed the action well into the future—the beginning of the 21st Century—so that his readers could get some distance on the … Continue reading

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First, meet your own standards

I was on a long drive, once, with a woman I did not know well. I knew the family. I knew her husband much better than I knew her. But it was early morning and it was dark and it … Continue reading

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Faith Healing

For reasons I don’t entirely understand, I am thinking about faith healing today. In the expression “faith healing,” there is no question about what “healing” means. Understanding what “faith” means is more difficult. To introduce this speculation, I want to … Continue reading

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