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“Did something happen to you?”

I intend this as a general celebration of the Netflix series, Shetland, so I will present just a little information about the series generally.  Here’s the blurb from imdb.com. Created from the novels by award winning crime writer Ann Cleeves, … Continue reading

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Resilience and its precursors

So far as I have heard, everyone likes “resilience.” Especially in March. Only the good basketball teams wind up in their conference finals, and half of those good teams lose that game. And then they go on to play in … Continue reading

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A Marriage and a Seismic Upgrade

Last week, Bette and I went to see a British movie called 45 Years. The critics were nearly giddy about it; the viewers not so much. Great direction; great script; great cast. So I had my doubts. It is, in … Continue reading

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Being “happy”

What do people mean when they say they are happy? Is it a state? A direction? A blissful moment? You are the one who most needs to know. I finished sending out our Christmas letters before my birthday (today) this … Continue reading

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