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Thanksgiving at, and for, Starbucks

Tomorrow morning, Thanksgiving morning, Bette and I will go over to “our Starbucks” and meet friends who will have family obligations the rest of the day.  I am tempted to say that we will all have “other family obligations” that … Continue reading

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In my Father’s house

At my house, this is the year we study Luke’s account of the birth of Jesus.  Every Advent, we focus on one—only one—of the two narratives the Bible gives us about the birth of Jesus.  I’ve been doing this for … Continue reading

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The Beginning Place

I have a few favorite books, not very many, and I read them over and over.  You cannot imagine the grief I take for that.  Nearly all my friends read broadly and with enjoyment and comprehension.  And I’m married to … Continue reading

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The President as Cherrypicker in Chief

The Constitution identifies the President as the Chief Executive.  He is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.  Since the President is the principal source of major congressional considerations, he is often called the Chief Legislator.  It was not until President … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Matthew in Pleasantville

Halloween fell on November 1 this year.  Costumes, candy, trick or treaters—the whole thing.  On the morning of November 2, Starbucks started using their red “holiday” cups and offering the egg nog latté.  Ho ho ho. I’ve always been unhappy … Continue reading

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The Experience of Competence

In a recent piece, I described myself as an AHOG—an amazing, high-performance old guy.   At first glance, that looks like a substantial and probably incredible claim.  It is not.  I justified “amazing” on the grounds that I was, in fact, … Continue reading

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President Obama Doesn’t Get It

This essay is going to wander into some disreputable places, so let me start with the easy stuff.  First, I’ve been blogging for several years now and I have learned that “President Obama Doesn’t Get It” is a better headline … Continue reading

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Today’s Modern World

The course is called “Scientific Secrets for Raising Kids Who Thrive.” I saw it first, today, in the brand new “holiday wish book catalog offered by The Teaching Company.[1]  I’m not going to order it. I want to move, shortly, … Continue reading

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