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Attraction and Engagement

There is a criticism implicit in this picture that I think is largely unfair.  It could be a lot worse.  She could be dressed like a showgirl and her hope could be placed as stupid rather than, as here, as … Continue reading

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Left-leaning media

Where is the plumb line when you really need one?  A plumb line defines straight up and down, deviating neither to the left nor to the right.[1]  Everybody agrees on the absolute verticality of the plumb line because it a … Continue reading

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It’s not about time travel

I just saw Richard Curtis’s 2013 movie, About Time. [1]  I know, it’s about time I saw it, but I had never heard of it and of all the stars, Bill Nighy is the only one I had ever heard … Continue reading

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Mother Theresa is a Servant

And a hero.  And a saint.  You never hear anything bad about Mother Theresa. [1] And if you were waiting for me to say that I am going to stand up and start criticizing, you will wait for a long … Continue reading

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“Optimal” aging

On a recent visit to one of the legion of doctors I have been seeing recently (don’t ask) I picked up a pamphlet called “Optimal Aging.” The tag line featured on the front of the trifold is:“There’s no place like … Continue reading

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I believe in the integrity of the atom

On the morning of the 4th of July, a friend of mine [1] was greeted with a cheery, “Happy Birthday.”  I’m sure he responded to the sentiment in a gentle way, but inside, he felt himself strongly rejected the idea.  … Continue reading

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There is no Starbucks in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Sigh.

Bette and I went to see Won’t You Be My Neighbor yesterday, as good a way to begin a July as I could think of.  I knew I needed to see it, but I was hesitant, too, because Mr. Rogers’ … Continue reading

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