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Thanksgiving, 2016

Whenever I begin to formulate a sentence about Thanksgiving, I think of my mother painfully contorting the sentence into “We have so much for which to be thankful.”  She was determined to avoid ending a sentence with a proposition if … Continue reading

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Richard and Mildred Loving

Peter Debruge in his May 16 review for Variety explains why the film Loving just didn’t have enough pop for him. In addition to the objection I am going to cite, there were other more technical criticisms that I accepted … Continue reading

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Protecting Vulnerable Communities

I’d like to share with you a few lines from political writers and a comment I heard last night from a local pollster. Then I would like to push them around on my plate for a little while, like green … Continue reading

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“Jesus is the reason for the season.” Really?

There are so many ways for Christians to be unhappy about the way “Christmas” [1] is celebrated today. I have given it up, myself, in favor of Advent. It saves me so much grief. And why, really, should I expect … Continue reading

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Hacksaw Ridge

This election day was tough for a lot of Democrats—myself included—but I am proud of how I spent the afternoon of election day. I went to a theater and saw director Mel Gibson’s new movie, Hacksaw Ridge. It is a … Continue reading

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Politics, Government, and the Federal System

So…President Trump?  I find it hard to type the words, but if I had had a blog in 1980, I would have found it hard to type “President Reagan.”  I don’t pretend to have begun, yet, to come to grips … Continue reading

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“…and painful shoes”

Where would a phrase like that come from? A shoe salesman? Possible, especially if there were a more comfortable and more expensive pair of shoes available. A podiatrist? You can see that, although in my experience, podiatrists are more likely … Continue reading

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