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What to say to the climate change deniers of Texas and Florida

This is the prime moment for environmentalists who have been screaming their heads off about the urgency of the need to change our practices and begin to deal seriously with the global warming catastrophe. This is the time when they—“we” … Continue reading

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In Florida, Oceans and Premiums Rise Together

When I was in grad school at Oregon, I read a footnote that changed my thinking forever.  It was in Robert Heilbroner’s An Inquiry into the Human Prospect.  The text, as I recall it, was talking about how we were … Continue reading

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Stand Your Ground

Since George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, a lot of attention has been paid to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” laws.  People have written about the effect of abundantly available guns on public safety, about the effect of the American Legislative Exchange Council … Continue reading

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