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Does God Love Unconditionally?

The theological argument I have heard that Christians ought to be unconditionally loving is that God is unconditionally loving.  I’m not sure that’s true.  And if it is true, I think we wouldn’t be able to tell. Today, I am … Continue reading

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Do We Know Enough to Love?

So…is unconditional love a good thing?  Is it possible?  It seems to me that the answers to both questions are going to have to be No, but the exploration of the context of this answer, these answers, will be meandering.  … Continue reading

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Servants and Stewards and Unconditional Love

We just don’t have the stuff for unconditional love.    The “we” I had in mind in that sentence is us humans and that’s the conclusion I came to at the end of Adam and Eve and Unconditional Love.  I’d like … Continue reading

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Adam, Eve, and Unconditional Love

I am beginning today a set of thought experiments bearing on the notion of “unconditional” or “non-contingent” love.  I am beginning with the position that it is a bad idea.  It asks more discernment of us than we can reliably … Continue reading

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