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On being “woke”

This is President Obama, at an Obama Foundation event this last October. The man makes so much sense. There is this sense [among some young people] that the way of me making change is to be as judgmental as possible … Continue reading

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Black Quarterbacks

How do blacks act? I think that is a genuinely stupid question. I wouldn’t put it in this essay at all if I didn’t hear it on the radio most days.  Ordinarily it isn’t said; it is presumed. Last weekend, … Continue reading

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The President as Cherrypicker in Chief

The Constitution identifies the President as the Chief Executive.  He is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.  Since the President is the principal source of major congressional considerations, he is often called the Chief Legislator.  It was not until President … Continue reading

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President Obama Doesn’t Get It

This essay is going to wander into some disreputable places, so let me start with the easy stuff.  First, I’ve been blogging for several years now and I have learned that “President Obama Doesn’t Get It” is a better headline … Continue reading

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Deciding to go to “war”

Today, I want to consider how we go to war. We need to consider why “war” has those quotation marks around it. And, more crucially, I want to consider how we don’t go to war.  As Americans, we seem to … Continue reading

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Speak softly and carry on with your shtick

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) lectured Secretary of State John Kerry recently on the Obama administration’s conduct of foreign policy.  One of McCain’s heroes, he said, is President Theodore Roosevelt, who is identified with the maxim, “Speak softly and carry a … Continue reading

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First, Apologize

I just finished spending some time with the latest New York Times/CBS poll and I have to tell you, I’m discouraged.  It is not that there is not information in the poll to gladden the heart of any liberal Democrat—that’s … Continue reading

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