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Nationalism for Progressives

The title points to a connection I am not comfortable with. I am going to try to get over that today. This essay rests on two pieces from the New York Times. On March 4 by Yasha Mounk; the other … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders is Un-American

That’s just the easy way to say it. The title David Brooks actually gave to his column in the New York Times is “Livin’ Bernie Sanders’ Danish Dream” but I think the title I used captures Brooks’ message more clearly. … Continue reading

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The Battle of Favorite Aunts

David Brooks and Paul Krugman are at it again.  I’m not as surprised as I was the first time I noticed it. This is an odd kind of disagreement.  Imagine that you and your wife are visiting the home of … Continue reading

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Colleagueship at the The York Times

Probably, the New York Times doesn’t have meetings where the columnists they publish sit down around a table and talk about how things are going at the paper.  Maybe they never did.  But if they used to do that, I’d … Continue reading

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David Brooks Has Caused Me All Kinds of Trouble

David Brooks has caused me all kinds of trouble.  When I introduce him to people—my students at PSU, usually—who don’t know him, I say he is a conservative columnist for the New York Times.  When my students choose David Brooks … Continue reading

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