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My colleague, the Honorable Scumbag from North Dakota

It is a commonplace that the United States is now in a hyperpartisan era. People who think that is not true or who think it is not important often pass it off by saying that nothing is more naturally human … Continue reading

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Another Marshmallow Test

Many years ago, psychologist Walter Mischel devised a test of the ability to defer rewards. For experimental subjects, he used students at his daughter’s grade school. For rewards, he used whatever kind of treat a child might choose. Some years … Continue reading

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Nationalism for Progressives

The title points to a connection I am not comfortable with. I am going to try to get over that today. This essay rests on two pieces from the New York Times. On March 4 by Yasha Mounk; the other … Continue reading

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Does Democracy Actually Work?

There are a lot of reasons why it might not.  I have lectured for many years about why democracy might not work anymore or why it never really did, although it seemed to at the time.  When you approach the … Continue reading

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The Five Big Issues in the Supreme Court’s Current Term: Campaign Finance

This is the first of five posts.  Each of the five issues gives you an opportunity to ask yourself, “Just what do I mean when I say I am a liberal or a conservative (or whatever designation you use for … Continue reading

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