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The Norms of Political Rhetoric

Here are two observations made in Thomas Edsall’s column in the New York Times today.  I think the two comments belong in different contexts, but I am going to join them today, because I think they also mean more together. … Continue reading

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Racism and Sexism, treated by The Good Doctor.

If you were here, I would dearly love to turn to you, as I did to Bette, and say, “What just happened?” Here is what I think happened. In the first season of The Good Doctor, they have developed a … Continue reading

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Official Sexism

As you can tell from the title, I have a grievance in mind for today. After such a long struggle for gender equality, it grieves me that we have given it up so easily.[1] Ah well. This morning, I had … Continue reading

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No More Buildings Named after YOU

When we moved to Portland, we moved into the Wilson High School attendance area.  As a result, I am the proud father of Wilson alums. Wilson is named for President Woodrow Wilson. [1] It’s a thing in Portland. We also … Continue reading

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Sexism still sells cars

I’d like to spend some of your valuable time today thinking about a topic nearly everyone would call “sexism.” I’m not quite sure what to call it, myself, but when you look at this Buick ad, you will know exactly … Continue reading

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Playing Cards: The Death of Dialogue

“Playing cards” was not an activity in the little town where I grew up.  It was an object.  “Playing cards” referred to what you used when you played poker and other devious games.  “Playing cards” is an activity for people … Continue reading

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The Five Big Issues in Supreme Court’s Current Term: Affirmative Action

This is the third of five posts.  I covered the Court’s opportunity to deal with campaign reform the day before yesterday; yesterday it was abortion; today it is affirmative action.  All five issues and the associated cases are drawn from … Continue reading

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