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Fathers’ Day Thoughts

I always thought that the basis of my authority over my children was that I had their welfare in mind and they did not have my welfare in mind. On the occasions when they argued with me, they found that … Continue reading

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Consummating the marriage

Everybody knows what it means to “consummate” a marriage, right? It means to “complete” it; to bring it to its highest state.[1] That’s what the words mean anyway. That brings us to the question of what a marriage is. Is … Continue reading

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Draft Day

I’d like to tell you about the movie Draft Day.  I liked it a lot.  I don’t think anyone else did.  The critics didn’t, for sure.  Rotten Tomatoes said, “It’s a … dull-witted movie.”  Roger Ebert’s site says, “Both too … Continue reading

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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

I have heard it said that every story has an inner core of meaning—a structure of meaning.  I might have said it myself.  Yesterday. In fact, every story has as many narrative structures as there are people who know the … Continue reading

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Borrowing Bette

Every metaphor you can think of is deficient in some respect and, regrettably,  that includes the metaphor I am going to use today.  I am going to treat the opportunity I have of living my life with Bette by the … Continue reading

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