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Don’t talk to her like she’s a slave

This is (yet another) reflection on a dilemma presented by the Netflix show HUMANS. As the series develops, it is showing more interest in the fundamental robotic dilemma: just how is it that “they” are different from “us.?” That’s not … Continue reading

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Virtue Signaling

I am sorry to be coming so late to the party. “Virtue signaling” is a term I heard for the first time today. I know. I ought to get out more. It seems to me that “virtue signaling” is an … Continue reading

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Using the Right Words

I wish a happy 2014 to you all and as a step toward that happiness, let’s look at one of my favorite scenes from I, Robot.[1]  The guiding genius behind U.S. Robotics’ (USB) success was Alfred Landingham, who appears to … Continue reading

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All Reasonable Men Will Agree

Honestly, it doesn’t seem too much to ask.  I just want to say what I mean and have it taken the way I meant it.  How hard is that? It turns out that it’s pretty hard, sometimes.  There is the … Continue reading

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