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A Better World

Jean Paul Sartre published Being and Nothingness in 1943. I was five years old, so I missed most of the early discussions, but as I came to understand it, Sartre argues that life has no intrinsic meaning at all and … Continue reading

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Individualism and Authenticity in Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”

“…the perturbation of Elizabeth’s feelings was every moment increasing.  She was quite amazed at her own discomposure.” [1] Even if Elizabeth Bennet were not famous as the heroine of Pride and Prejudice, this little clip would still probably be recognized … Continue reading

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What Good Health Is For

So I’ve been thinking about getting old and what I ought to do about it. The model that has suggested itself comes from all the 10K races I have run over the years.  I should say that for me, even … Continue reading

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Robots are better than anything

Not, as in the earlier post, “better than nothing.”  Let me say up front that this whole “social robot” thing scares me.  It’s creepy, but the path to there from here is lit up like a strip with landing lights. … Continue reading

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