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That government is best…

It’s always the dots that get you, isn’t it? What was there, you wonder? That’s where we are going. Please be patient. You have often heard the half-maxim [1] “That government is best that governs least.” I have seen it … Continue reading

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Reaping to the Very Edge

So…here’s an idea you might not have considered for a while. “When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. Leave them for the … Continue reading

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Honoring the Elderly

Respect for the elderly.  That was always a hard sell for me when I was young.  I think I was a more achievement-oriented than a traditional-values little kid.[1]  Now I’m old and it still seems mostly like a scam to … Continue reading

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Saving Normal

Being “normal” is a little bit of a challenge.  There are several reasons why this is so.  One is that knowing what is “normal” is not always easy.  Then too, being “normal” is not always what one aspires to.  Also, … Continue reading

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What is God like?

This is one of those “Why is the grass green?” kinds of questions.  I do want to try to answer it in the third of the pieces that make up this blog, but I have two prior questions. The first … Continue reading

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Nonviolent Communication

The cover story in a recent issue of The Christian Century is called “Beyond Anger and Blame.”  That sounds good to me.  The “beyond,” especially, sounds good to me.  I have no complaint at all about getting “beyond” anger and … Continue reading

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