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Foul is Fair

Why do we keep falling for this? Is it because we don’t understand anything at all about symbolism? Is it that we so dearly love making fun of the nation’s Chief Buffoon that we are willing to hand him the … Continue reading

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Why hating “religion” isn’t going to help anything

Timothy Egan posted a pointless rant in the New York Times today.  I don’t think it will do any damage because the only people who will get past the first several paragraphs are people who want to see a really … Continue reading

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The Five Big Issues in Supreme Court’s Current Term: Prayer

This is the fourth of five posts.  I have taken the issues in the order that Adam Liptak listed them in his New York Times article, so I have considered campaign finance, abortion, affirmative action.  Today we look at prayer. … Continue reading

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Can You Be Too Skeptical?

Yes.  You can. I want to refer, down the page a little, to a controversy between medical doctors.  Dr. Andrew Newberg, whom I know only from his recorded lectures, called “The Spiritual Brain” is one; the other is Dr. Steven … Continue reading

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