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Why hating “religion” isn’t going to help anything

Timothy Egan posted a pointless rant in the New York Times today.  I don’t think it will do any damage because the only people who will get past the first several paragraphs are people who want to see a really … Continue reading

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The Five Big Issues in Supreme Court’s Current Term: Prayer

This is the fourth of five posts.  I have taken the issues in the order that Adam Liptak listed them in his New York Times article, so I have considered campaign finance, abortion, affirmative action.  Today we look at prayer. … Continue reading

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Can You Be Too Skeptical?

Yes.  You can. I want to refer, down the page a little, to a controversy between medical doctors.  Dr. Andrew Newberg, whom I know only from his recorded lectures, called “The Spiritual Brain” is one; the other is Dr. Steven … Continue reading

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