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The VIP Treatment

I’m going to take a look today at practicing being old.  You can laugh, but it isn’t as simple an idea as it appears.  I have placed it in my set of categories as “Getting Old, but being old isn’t … Continue reading

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Grounds for Hope

Joe Nocera, the New York Times columnist shared with us today that Starbucks has an idea that might help us all.  Here’s the short version. In effect, Schultz thinks the country should go on strike against its politicians. “The fundamental … Continue reading

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I want to think out loud about TMI today—“too much information.”[1]  I think we do give too much information sometimes, but I suspect that most of the time that particular way of saying “Shut up!” really means something else.  This … Continue reading

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“Attractive Older Women”

Somehow, I have gotten a reputation for being narrow-minded.  Even some of my friends think that.  Of course, I don’t think so.  I do have some liabilities—well, THOSE, sure, but I was thinking of something relevant to today’s topic—and it … Continue reading

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Words with clean sharp edges

I don’t usually have any trouble telling when a particular usage is wrong.  Sometimes when I try to say just what is wrong about it, it takes longer.  But then when I try to think why is it really harmful … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Up on Electoral Politics

There has been so much hand-wringing about the debt-limit debate.  All of it justified, in my opinion.  A few posts ago, I compared it to a “game” of Russian roulette rather than the more common metaphor of a “game” of … Continue reading

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Where Does This Issue Belong?

It’s an “issue,” as we say.  It concerns a lot of people.  Something ought to be done about it. Let’s imagine the easiest possible resolution.  There are three leaders in this societal constellation: one of the polity, one for the … Continue reading

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