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I wanna be a hero

I don’t know how it is with girls, but there is a persistent attraction among adolescent boys toward “heroism.” It can take really ugly forms as well as really attractive ones. I think there is nothing good or bad about … Continue reading

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Stronger. Also wiser.

In Stronger, Jeff Bauman, played superbly by Jake Gyllenhaal, learns a really hard lesson. It isn’t all that easy to say what it is, but at the very core, it involves being willing to be who people need for you … Continue reading

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Belonging to the Narrative

  As a rule, I am pretty sensitive to attributing personal traits to impersonal objects.  You can tell, I am sure, that I am going to suspend that today and you are right, but let me illustrate it first.  It … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela: An Educated Man

Most of what matters to me most about Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, I learned from watching—over and over—Morgan Freeman’s portrayal of Mandela in the movie Invictus.[1]  But in today’s New York Times coverage (here), I learned a little more about those … Continue reading

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