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Eagles fumble the ball Apologies first. I am sorry for that intrusive “Play” symbol in the middle of the picture. I couldn’t find a way to get rid of it except by substituting a “Pause” symbol. Then there is the … Continue reading

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Yellow (Caution) lights

Since my neighborhood Starbucks closed, I have been walking further in the morning to get coffee for Bette and me. A very urban route it is, too. And when I walk on Broadway going west or on Weidler coming back … Continue reading

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Quod vide

For every person who knows what quod vide means, there are probably 100 or more who would see q.v. in some material they are reading and know what it meant without even thinking about it. It may be that q.v. … Continue reading

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“You’ve got to want it bad”

When I so much as think those words, let alone write them, I hear the voice of President Andrew Shepherd (and I hear Sorkin’s touch with words) in The American President. He was talking about “America,” he says. The line … Continue reading

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Neaera H. comes to life

In 1975, five years after ending the series featuring Frances the Badger, Russell Hoban wrote Turtle Diary. Turtle Diary is a book for adults—not “an adult book”—about William G and Neaera H., two losers who, in freeing some turtles from … Continue reading

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Starbucks Lost

Apologies to John Milton. I don’t mean at all that I think of Starbucks as Paradise, but it is true that I have seen a Starbucks that was a lot closer than any Starbucks I now know. I feel sad … Continue reading

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A Midlands family living in Greater Appalachia

I come from a “set apart” sort of family.  I knew that when I was a little boy growing up in what is now a northern suburb of Dayton, Ohio. [1]  I was taught that it was a good thing … Continue reading

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