Vote NO on virtue

It is my great privilege to pass along to you one of the best political recommendations I have ever had the pleasure to read.  Below, you will see a picture of the last argument offered on this measure in Oregon’s Voter’s Pamphlet for November 8, 2016.

The arguments on ballot measures are divided into two sections: ARGUMENT IN FAVOR and ARGUMENT IN OPPOSITION.  All very sensible.  This is Oregon, after all.  If you have a Voter’s Pamphlet handy, you can turn to pages M-28 to M-36 to see the whole set of arguments.

vote-noThe title of this ballot measure is as follows: Limits contributions, expenditures, requires disclosure in Multnomah County candidate elections.  The measure in the form of a question (Should the charter require…?) follows, then a Summary, then an Explanatory Statement.  Then there are 18 “arguments” in support of the idea.  All of the people you expect to weigh in against the perversion of elections by the dominance of big spenders are represented here.  All these arguments make good sense to me.

There is one argument in opposition.  It says ARGUMENT IN OPPOSITION.  There isn’t a smiley face or anything.  You have to read it.  And if you can scarcely believe what you read first–that’s how I felt about it–you really want to keep on reading.

And if you follow the site to, you wind up at a site called, headed by a banner that says YES on Measure 26-184 and where you are given a chance to place lawn signs and campaign in a number of very traditional ways for the passage of the measure.  This is the group that you got to by following the message ARGUMENT IN OPPOSITION.

In my judgment, this election has been WAY too serious.  I don’t see anything wrong with mixing a little levity with all the necessary gravity.   I was on their side of the issue from the time I read the text of the ballot measure, so they didn’t really change my vote.  They just gave me a whole morning of happiness.

Thanks, guys.

The rest of this post is a picture of their Voter’s Pamphlet ad.

Vote No.jpg

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